Saturday, May 14, 2011

Choosing to Jump

     Welcome to my first blog and my very first blog post. I decided to start a blog not only because it's the coolest thing to do, but because we are starting the process to adopt our 5th child and I thought it would be great to journal through the ride.  I choose to name the blog Choosing to Jump because although I strongly feel like we are "called" to adopt again, I feel like we also need more faith to go through it. I mean it seems crazy for us to be adopting again.  We are in our forties and have 3 grown children and our youngest is  growing very independent.  I am back in school finishing the degree I should have completed 25 years ago and we are financially...well, challenged. And I have been told by people that don't "get it" that we are crazy to do it again!
     So despite popular opinion, we are choosing to jump...we are standing on the edge of a cliff not knowing what will happen, but we will trust Jesus and answer His call to open our hearts and home to one of His own.  Thank you in advanced for taking the time to read my posts and support us as we jump into all that God has for us!!!